Fun Facts

  • The Nicaraguan population is known internationally for being very hospitable people and a sense of humor very characteristic of our area.
  • Most of the streets of Nicaragua do not have names so the work of postmen, delivery or taxi drivers can become complicated.
  • In Cocibolca Lake live freshwater sharks. The bull shark and sawfish enter from the Caribbean through San Juan River until the Lake, a mass of fresh water of about 8,100 square kilometers.
  • Cocibolca Lake is the largest in Central America; its area exceeds 8,000 square kilometers.
  • Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, with 130,700 square kilometers.
  • The Güegüense (also known as Macho Ratón) is a satirical drama and was the first play of Nicaraguan literature. Güegüense's work is a synthesis of the fusion of Spanish and indigenous cultures combining theater, dance and music, considered among the most distinctive folk and literary expressions of the colonial era in Latin America and all Europe.
  • Nicaragua is the motherland of some of the greatest world champions in boxing throughout history:
    • Alexis Arguello “El Caballero del Ring”
    • Eddy Gazo
    • Rosendo Álvarez
    • Adonis Rivas
    • Ricardo Mayorga “El Matador”
    • Luis Pérez “Dinamita”
    • Juan Palacios “El exterminador”
    • Eduardo Márquez “El Faraón”
    • José Alfaro “El quiebra jícara”
    • Román González “El Chocolatito”

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